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The discovery of the millennium in terms of understanding the trials and tribulations of our society, The Oqual Cycle posits that almost every facet of human civilization from sociopolitics through economy to climate oscillates in a sinusoidal manner over a period of 84 years due to its synchronization with the orbital motion of Uranus in a manner akin to the coupling of annual cycle to the orbiting of Earth around the Sun


The Oqual Cycle is essentially an 84-year rhythm that oscillates in lockstep with the southern Uranian year (beginning with southern spring and ending with southern winter) producing two symmetrical (or antagonistic) halves: a constructive period marked by a rather upbeat zeitgeist followed by a destructive spell during which the societal zeitgeist turns on its head, with each lasting for some 42 years on average. The current oqual cycle (1955-2038) is in the latter stages of its destructive spell with annus horribilis (2028) barely years away.    


A sinusoidal wave showing the current oqual cycle (1955-2038) flanked by its predecessor (1871-1954) and successor (2039-2122). Note that alternating multidecadal periods of relative prosperity followed by complete societal meltdown and vice versa are a hallmark of oqual cycle in a manner akin to the relationship between light and dark over the course of a daily cycle or summer and winter over the course of an annual cycle. 


A systematic (or preset) calendar indicating the unfolding of each oqual cycle (OC) since the birth of Modern Age in 1451 with the first cycle denoted OC1 and the ones thereafter OC2, OC3, OC4, and so forth in a chronological order at an interval of every 84 years. The calendar is synchronized with the Uranian year beginning with the southern spring and ending with the southern winter. 


An in-silico simulation based on historical data to a first-order approximation to demonstrate the waxing and waning of global hegemony of various powers over the course of eight consecutive oqual cycles (OC1-OC8) since the birth of Modern Age in 1451. With the exception of Britain, the global dominance of every other power lasted no more than one full round of an oqual cycle beginning with Portugal in 1451 and with China all but set to take up the baton of global leadership with the arrival of next and eighth cycle in 2039.


Like every other country, what is modern-day America has undergone a rendezvous with destiny once every 84 years in the wake of the crisis-of-a-lifetime since the birth of Modern Age in 1451. With every nation facing yet another societal meltdown today, a looming armageddon is unavoidable as it is all but obligatory to usher in a global reset so as to give humanity a fresh start after having hit yet another crisis-of-a-lifetime. 


Like virtually every other aspect of our society, a nation's baby production oscillates in tandem with the progression of oqual cycle producing a perpetual tale of two halves underscored by a BABY BOOM followed by a BABY BUST and vice versa--nations that have been experiencing a precipitous drop in birth rate over the past couple of decades will see their baby fortunes bloat in about a decade or so on the other side of the fledgling World War III (2022-date).  


Like virtually every other aspect of economy, a nation's debt oscillates in sync with the progression of oqual cycle producing a perpetual tale of two halves underscored by a RECEDING tide followed by a RISING wave and vice versa--this is the bona fide debt cycle that every pundit has been alluding to since the beginning of times but, only now, do we fully understand its oscillatory mechanics courtesy of the discovery of oqual cycle. 


Like virtually every other aspect of climate, the global temperature oscillates in lockstep with the progression of oqual cycle producing a perpetual tale of two halves underscored by a COOLING period followed by a WARMING spell and vice versa--the rising temperatures witnessed over the past several decades are indeed due to a natural climate cycle rather than due to anthropogenic global warming.


What in the world is oqual cycle?

On the basis of scientific reasoning and mathematical modeling of history over the past 600 years, the oqual cycle posits that human civilization seemingly undergoes a sweeping global reset once every 84 years on average in order to purge itself of a plethora of wrongdoings from the societal ills through excesses and imbalances to transgressions amassed over that multidecadal period.

What does this mean for the world-writ-large?

World War II (1939-1945) was not a random event but rather written in the stars! 

Simply put, what the people the-world-over are experiencing today is an eerie echo of the 1930s in a manner that we are right now in the midst of an annual season that we also experienced exactly 12 months ago.

Unlike the more familiar annual cycle, the oqual cycle however lasts 84 years due to its synchronization with the Uranian year.

In terms of Uranian seasonality, 2023 is therefore more or less the same year as 1939.

Can one not see the complete societal meltdown across much of the globe today being an eerie echo of what happened 84 years ago during the 1930s? 

Add to that the fact that the next decade (2024-2033) will be very much a repeat of the 1940s in a manner akin to the return of summer or winter every year. 

Given that this is a very complex phenomenon that very few have the wisdom to understand and powered by his motto that knowledge should always be FREE, the one-and-only Professor Farooq is on a mission to educate the masses the-world-over about the significance of the oqual cycle in their lives and its dire spell on our society that brings it down to its knees once every 84 years on average. 

Taken together, The Oqual Cycle is a must-read for everyone in that it not only transcends national, ethnic, political, religious, and demographic boundaries but it will also become your most-trusted companion to guide you as you navigate uncharted landscape of your life—the younger you are, the more relevant the oqual cycle is to your life.

What is the upshot of oqual cycle?

Our cognizance of the daily cycle (or circadian rhythm) arms us to set the clock before going to bed so as to wake up at a preset time in the morning and avoid being late for work.  

Likewise, our knowledge of the annual cycle prepares us in advance of planting and harvesting crops in a timely manner as well as to brace ourselves for the onset of a hurricane season or the snowstorms of winter ahead. 

In a similar manner, our understanding of the oqual cycle equips us to aptly deal with the trials and tribulations awaiting ahead over the coming decades in order to navigate our future with rational wisdom in lieu of blissful ignorance.

Thus, just as our appreciation of the daily and annual rhythms helps us to respectively plan for the coming hours and coming months, so does our awareness of the oqual cycle for come what may over the coming decades.  

Importantly, like our malleable daily and annual rhythms with a plenty of wiggle room, the oqual cycle is also written in the stars rather than set in stones.

Simply put, the oqual cycle is not only a harmonic (or eigenvector) of our more familiar daily and annual rhythms but it is also orchestrated by celestial bodies with a fixed periodicity of exactly 84 years courtesy of Uranus. 

The oqual cycle is indeed as natural a phenomenon as any, not to mention that all of us living today are the first among humanity to have become cognizant of such an earth-shattering spell of nature on our lives.

In particular, an understanding of the dire spell of oqual cycle on human civilization will enable future generations to avoid falling into a sociopolitical quagmire so as to avert the outbreak of a quasi-apocalyptic hell that pays us homage during oqual winters once every 84 years on average. 

However, we are already in the midst of the oqual winter (2018-2038) of the current oqual cycle (1955-2038) and the ominous decade (2023-2033) centered on annus horribilis (2028) has already begun.

Since the birth of Modern Age in 1451, the annus horribilis of oqual cycle has befallen humanity in 1524, 1608, 1692, 1776, 1860, and 1944.

Spaced apart by exactly 84 years, those were really-really horrible times that amounted to nothing short of a hell-on-earth and the like of which is encountered only once-in-a-lifetime.  

Not only was each annus horribilis noted above flanked by a synchronized-and-synergized wave of deadly conflicts unfolding across the globe but also bore witness to civil wars breaking out across many nations and culminating with the establishment of a nouveau sociopolitical system under a new world order.  

Tellingly, the looming WWIII and the accompanying quasi-apocalypse is not only just getting started but it is also unavoidable in that we have already amassed an 800-pound gorilla of transgressions over the past several decades and nothing short of a deadly retribution is therefore waiting on the horizon to cleanse our society of its sins so as to revitalize it and hand it a fresh start lest it becomes strangulated under its own weight. 

Why is nobody paying heed to the oqual cycle?

In order to truly appreciate the beauty and practicality of the oqual cycle to our lives, one must have wisdom so as to be able to separate the grain from the chaff (or signal from the noise).

Yet, it seems that perhaps as little as 1% of humanity happens to be powered by wisdom--a rare virtue that is totally uncorrelated with one's ingenuity and level of education.

If anything, ingenuity and education appear to be inversely correlated with wisdom--the more educated the people are, the less wisdom they seem to have!

That should hardly come as a bombshell given that education not only hardwires the minds of most people into subscribing to a specific worldview and then follow the like-minded herd as it is an easier option as opposed to treading unchartered waters on your own, which of course requires megatons of mental power and boundless intrepidity. 

In fact, even the likes of greats such as Einstein and Newton lacked wisdom altogether in that they had a reputation for falling prey to sheep mentality (or crowd psychology) in awe of the woes of hoi polloi around them--if they were alive today, both of them would have not only bought into but also headed sociopolitical evils such as the climate propaganda, mandatory lockdowns and vaccines, and even the crypto ponzis.    

Admittedly, groundbreaking discoveries are always met with skepticism at first and the oqual cycle being disregarded by the trawler and its entourage of seagulls is inevitable until it becomes widely accepted with the passage of time in a stunning echo of humanity's perpetual failure to pay heed to dire lessons of history.  

For example, the notion that the Earth orbits the Sun was first proposed by Copernicus in 1515 but this so-called heliocentric view of our world would draw the ire of the clergy and continued to be mocked by fools and horses over the course of the next couple of centuries during which many who dared to subscribe to such a doctrine were either vilified or charred to death. 

Even the likes of Galileo, Kepler, and Newton would be reprimanded for subscribing to what was then believed to be a heretic view at odds with religion during much of the 16th and 17th centuries, and it was not until 1758 that the church finally dropped its opposition to heliocentrism and only then it would go mainstream.

Just as the heliocentric model of our world stood the test of time so will the theory of oqual cycle though none of us alive today will unfortunately be around to celebrate its homecoming-in-earnest. 

Till then, those who ignore the spell of oqual cycle will be doing so at their own peril. 

For the small minority who can already feel the resonance of oqual cycle in their lives, you truly rank as a very special kind of human being and, you know it, as you are the fearless rebel who never follows the sheep but rather has their own agenda and hacienda.

Congratulations! Felicidades! Mubarakum!

Not only have you passed the oqual test but you have also graduated to the next level: 

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To add icing on the cake, The Oqual Cycle is free. 

Why is it free?

The best things in life are always free!

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